Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about the airport Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden

(FKB) Soellingen Airport, Karlsruhe/Baden Baden, DE

On this page you can find a list of Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) about the airport Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden.


How can I reach the airport Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden with public transport?

Real-time information about public transport can be requested on the page Directions.

Which address should I enter into my navigation system?

The address is as follows:
Halifax Avenue B420 (Terminal)
Rheinmünster, Baden-Württemberg

Can I park my car at the airport Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden?

There is sufficient parking space at the airport. Parking for a duration up to 30 minutes is, except for in front of the terminal, free. Exceeding that, parking will be charged for according to the duration of usage.

Find more information on the page Parking.

Can I rent a car at the airport Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden?

Yes. Find more information on Car Rental.

What are the opening hours of the airport Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden?

The Terminal is open from not later than two hours before the first departure until the arrival of the last flight.

Where can I find the official web page of the airport Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden?

You can find the official site of the airport Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden at baden-airpark.de.

What can I do, if I lost or forgot something on my flight?

Please contact the lost and found office at the Baden Airpark. The phone number is +49 7229 66 23 85 . Outside the opening hours you can get in contact with the airport information (Phone: 07229/662000 E-Mail: info@baden-airpark.de).